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Benefits of Drinking Water Upon Waking Up! (Expanded)

Last week on my Instagram I posted about the benefits of drinking water upon waking up. Below I've added what I put in that post, but also expanded on different options besides using a filter.

Water is the basis of us being alive making up about 80% of our body. Water is used to transport all nutrients and oxygen through out the body. So if we’re dehydrated it leads to dis-ease or

lack of ease in the body. Drinking water is NOT the sexy thing, but has major benefits especially first thing in the morning. 1. Fuels your brain. Our brain is made up of about 75% water. This will help you start the day off sharp assuming you had great sleep quality (lol).

2. Cleanses your colon of toxins from sleeping. This increases your intestines ability to absorb nutrients. Also this will help with cleansing the skin as well. 3. Helps correct bowel movements. This will help prevent constipation, intestinal infections, and overall bad digestion. 4. Helps with lymph system balance. This will aid in balancing you body fluids. 5. Helps fight infections. According to the Japanese medical society drink water on an empty stomach can prevent many diseases such as tachycardia, arthritis, excess fat, gastritis, and menstrual disorders. Different sources vary with the amount that we should have in the morning. I’d recommend anywhere between 20-30 ounces of water first thing in the morning. (I drink 30 ounces = 2 full glasses) Also we should drink at minimum half our body weight in ounces of water per day (25% more if you’re overweight) Lastly, water isn’t just H2O it is known as the universal solvent meaning it integrates and becomes anything it comes into contact with. Tap water is a poor choice, the largest particulate matter found in tap water is tampon paper and toilet paper. So if you don’t have a filter you are the filter.

One option for us is R.O. (Reverse osmosis) system these machines are really pricey but if you can afford them they remove things like chlorine (antibiotic). Most filter state they remove chlorine but they don’t, chlorine when consumed in high amounts can disrupt are microbiome in our gut (gut bacteria) causing digestion problems. Another mineral removed by this system is fluoride which was put in our water systems to improve our bone and teeth health. But, consumed in high amounts it a can affect our pineal gland in our brain that’s responsible for things like willpower (ability to make strong decisions). Once you use this system the water is essentially a blank slate, but our bodies receive the water we drink best with other ions in it. So you can add some high quality sea salt or lemon. Our next best option is well water. The water would be coming from deep in the aqua pores of the Earth; this is the cleanest, purest water. But, the downside to this is that the water could have very dense particles (more minerals) which may not be necessary for our bodies. Our most ideal option is spring water. With spring water we’d be getting water right from the source near us. It’s best to get water within the area we live in because it helps our bodies adapt to the environment better. Word of caution! We must be careful of certain water sources we purchase no matter the name brand. Consuming things like BPA (bisphenol A) are very harmful to the body. BPA which is used in plastic for example is a xenoestrogen meaning it can mimic estrogen giving it the ability to attach to estrogen receptors causing us to become estrogen dominant when we comsume it in high amounts. Women will have a higher chance of developing breast cancer or fibroid tumors and can become less pleasant to be around. It causes men to have a decrease in secondary sex characteristics like lighter voice, less facial hair, and an inability to reproduce.

Here are a few options: Mountain Valley Spring Water, Essential Water, Voss Water, S.Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral can use a hydration tablet like Nuun to add electrolytes to your water as well...

The big take away from all this is to be informed of what the best options are for us and to always look to make the best choice when we can.

If you found value in this post can you leave me a comment or question below as well as share this with others, I would really appreciate it!

Thank you for reading! #GETSOME

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